Fishing Date Adventure

April 25, 2019

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There is always something to be said about sharing your passion with someone else, letting them into your lives and leading the way with what you love doing, getting someone interested and involved at what interest you is another way to show how passionate you are.

Fish dating is another adventure to inculcate into your schedule while planning your numerous romantic sea adventures, apart from holding hands and working on the seashore, it could be fly fishing, if you prefer luring fishes, that’s acceptable too, if it’s baiting fishes, you could as well bring some chairs along, drinks and set up a shop.

Teach Them How To Fish.

It’s very possible for your date to be a new angler and that comes with the whole excitement of catching something at first attempt, might not necessarily be a trophy fish, but anything really, they just want to catch something, the goal is to make the trip feel more like a catching trip than a fishing trip, so taking them to a spot where something is guaranteed to be caught would be a really nice idea.

Go Kayaking Together.

Yet another way to add life to your adventure, rent a few kayaks and head out on the lake, spend time exploring the lake and fishing the new waters, a bit of bird watching wouldn’t be a bad idea too, see a beaver or two and you have the perfect date!

Even if your partner has little or no interest in fishing, this could suffice as an option, they could casually paddle around and you may be able to get away with fishing, while you too enjoy the scenery. Just be sure to have the mind-set that you’re going to be covering a lot of waters rather than hammering and throwing your bait at the same fishing hole. I’m quite sure you do not want your date to feel bored.

If you rather have a date that loves zooming around while kayaking, I’ll suggest you leave the fishing gear behind, you’ll definitely have less or no time to fish properly, and they might just get unendurable waiting for you. That being said, it might as well crown you with ample opportunities to scavenge for new fishing spots. Two birds with one stone right?  

Book A Chartered Fishing Boat.

All you need here is a chartered fishing boat, and the captain will take you to the fish. It’s in the captains best interest that everyone catches a fish and has a good time, Bonus point if the fishing charter is in a scenic location.  

The trip to the fishing spot is just as much a part of the experience as fishing itself. It avails your date the time to spot great views, fresh air and other wildlife.

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